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"Hay que tener una fortaleza fuerte" : Catholic coloniality, sexual terror, and trans sobrevivencia in the Dominican Republic / Ana-Maurine Lara
En: Sargasso, ISSN (1060-5533) 2014-2015, I-II: p 75-92. bibl.
Revista: Sargasso, 2014-2015, I-II
Resumen: Dominican transgender persons' lives, deaths, and struggles are marked by on-going practices of sexual terror arising from the expectations of a Catholic colonial morality. Faced with the impossibility of being of belonging, the ontological violence that trans persons experience builds on the imagination of murder and death as the only legitimate future for those who fail to perform biblical masculinity or femininity. Based on ethnographic interviews with Dominican trans activist, this article presents key insights into how they "enter into being" their experiences of family, school, work and daily life. It also discusses the concept of sobrevivencia as a key ontology and strategy in Dominican trans people's lives and struggles.
Palabras Claves: Transexual, Dominican Republic, sexual terror, Catholic coloniality, sobreviviencia
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