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Hunger, highways, and human rights: politics of visibility and social justice in Trinidad and Tobago / Krystal Ghisyawan
En: Sargasso, ISSN (1060-5533) 2014-2015, I-II: p 57-73. bibl.
Revista: Sargasso, 2014-2015, I-II
Resumen: This essay examines activism caught in a moment, occurring from mid-September to November 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago, where two separate but very connected events were happening. On one front, the Highway Reroute Movement (HRM) and Project 40 were protesting the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway, particularly, the controversial section from Debe to Mon Desir which runs through private property, ancestral agricultural land, indigenous land and part of the Oropuche lagoon. On the other, local sexual rights advocates were reacting to statements made by then Prime Minister (PM) Kamla Persad-Bissessar about putting decriminalization of homosexual acts to a referendum. I examine the co-creation of 'Nation' and 'citizen', demonstrating the selective employment of 'development' and 'progressive' politics by the state, the centrality of religion/religious bodies in governing and maintaining social control, and the burgeoning of cyber-activism.
Palabras Claves: Trinidad and Tobago, sexual rights, cyber-activism, post-coloniality, liberal progressive development
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