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The heresy of wings / Helen Klonaris
En: Sargasso, ISSN (1060-5533) 2014-2015, I-II: p 13-22.
Revista: Sargasso, 2014-2015, I-II
Resumen: In 'The Heresy of Wings', the author examines the connections between homophobia, racism, and the failure of imagination. By chronicling her public coming out to her community in the Bahamas and her subsequent flight from home to San Francisco, California in the US and her beginning attempts at fiction, she illuminates the ways in which colonization and white supremacy have led to the marginalization of the imagination itself. The author sees the imagination as a liminal space, a a place where the binaries of race and gender and sexuality are not fixed, and is therefore dangerous. The imagination as liminal space is also therefore powerful.
Palabras Claves: Heresy, liminality, racism, colonialism, queerness, imagination, exile, transformation
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