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Regeneración urbana en la acción estatal España durante periodo 2004-2011 (recurso electrónico) : Una historia a continuar / Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado
En: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales (ISSN 2167-6828) vol. 1; 2012: p 27-51. bibl. foto. mapa.
Revista: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales, vol. 1; 2012
Resumen: During the period 2004-2011 the Spanish Government has undertaken an activity (developing acts, propositional documents, and regeneration instruments) regarding the urban matter which is based on a reflection on the urban environment and reveals a new interest on urban regeneration. Due to its subject and its intensity, this activity has no precedents in the country. This paper reviews it by putting the focus on the contribution that it could have done to the practice of urban regeneration in Spain, a practice that, with some exceptions, has been characterized from the eighties by its sectorial approach, aimed primarily at the physical rehabilitation of the urban environment, and where the Central Government has not been a proactive agent (largely because the main competences in this field are regional and local). The review and analysis presented in this paper reveal that the action undertaken by the Central Government during the period 2004-2011 can be initiating a relevant change, as it puts urban regeneration in the center of sustainable urban development, in order to stop urban growth and make cities more resilient, through the development of regeneration projects based on multi-level, integrated and participatory approaches. This action has made a relevant contribution to the practice of regeneration in the country. It alone can not interiorize sustainable urban development criteria in regions, municipalities, private sector and citizens, but it is a necessary step towards change, which has been initiated and should be continued and fostered by the new Government elected in November 2011.
Palabras Claves: políticas urbanas, regeneración urbana, política de ciudades, gobierno de españa, desarrollo urbano sostenible.
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