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Evaluación de la presencia de metales pesados en la ciénaga Las Cucharillas (recurso electrónico) / Lourdes M. Febres Miranda,Carlos Morales Agrinzoni
En: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales (ISSN 2167-6828) vol. 2; 2013: p 149-162. bibl. graf. tabla. mapa.
Revista: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales, vol. 2; 2013
Resumen: We present the findings from preliminary studies made by students from the environmental education project called Puerto Rico Geomodel. Students from two public schools of Catano: Onofre Caballeira Umpierre (middle school) and Francisco Oller (high school) participated in this community research experience during August through December 2011. There is a concern and interest on the impact of the industrial and urban development around Las Cucharillas Marsh Nature Reserve and the surrounding communities. With this justification, the students decided to investigate the quality of the soil, sediments, and water in four different sites: Juana Matos and Puente Blanco communities, La Malaria creek and two mitigation sites near the old Bayamon river delta. The purpose was to determine the presence of heavy metals and the importance of wetlands for the treatment of these pollutants. All samples were analyzed using the EPA7471B method to determine the presence of mercury (Hg), and the EPA6010C method for other heavy metals. The results showed higher concentrations for sulfur (S) copper (Cu), and zinc (Zn) in sediments and soil samples from Juana Matos, Puente Blanco, La Malaria creek and the mitigation sites in the old delta of Bayamon river. Concentrations of Hg, C, Pb, Zn and S were detected also in the water samples of La Malaria creek. Previous research suggests that those heavy metals are associated with urban surface dust as result of human activities. A more comprehensive study is needed to determine the origin of these two metals and their impact on the environment and the human health.
Palabras Claves: ciénaga, educación ambiental, contaminación y metales pesados.
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