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Estrategia de manejo para la comunidad de mariposas en el área mitigada en el antiguo cauce de rio Bayamón de la reserva natural ciénaga Las Cucharillas (recurso electrónico) / Patricia Sanz Martínez, Carlos Morales Agrinzoni, Vicente Quevedo Bonilla, María Calixta Ortiz
En: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales (ISSN 2167-6828) vol. 2; 2013: p 82-93. bibl. il. foto. tabla.
Revista: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales, vol. 2; 2013
Resumen: This study assessed the butterfly community at the Las Cucharillas Marsh, natural reserve. The study area comprises 12 acres located specifically in the mitigated area besides the old Bayamón river site. During August to September 2012, we established a “path” transept of 452.28m along the road with two entrances by rustic roads to identify butterfly species and their particular host and food plants. We identified 11 butterfly species, from which the most dominant species was the smooth Pyrisitia Euterpe (48.68% AR) and the less dominant was Ascia monuste eubotea and Wallengreniaothodrury (0.38% AR). These two species are classified as very common in the Island. Host plants were identified for 5 of the 11 butterfly species documented. The species Pyrisia lisa Euterpe and Anartia jatrophae semifusca have the highest abundance of individuals with an average relative abundance of 48.68% and 35.66%, respectively. The diversity of butterfly species was higher during the month of September, although this conclusion is not generalized considering the limitations of the study time period. The distribution of butterflies is more abundant in humid and open spaces. We recommend the development of a research center to conduct studies of butterfly communityduring all the year. It is important to plant vegetation in pertaining to the Asclepiadaceae family, to attract other important species of butterflies.
Palabras Claves: Lepidópteros, biodiversidad, abundancia relativa, índice de Menhinick, conservación, humedales, Las Cucharillas, Puerto Rico.
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