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Composición de aves acuáticas de la laguna secreta en la ciénaga Las Cucharillas (recurso electrónico) / Laura L. Fidalgo De Souza, Jorge F. Bauzá Ortega
En: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales (ISSN 2167-6828) vol. 2; 2013: p 67-81. bibl. graf. mapa.
Revista: Perspectivas en asuntos ambientales, vol. 2; 2013
Resumen: This study assessed the Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) made for the San Juan Bay Estuary Program (PEBSJ) during two periods (2000-2003, 2005-2006). We analyzed the composition and diversity of Water birds of laguna Secreta in Cataño, Puerto Rico. In addition, we used the GAP analysis of Puerto Rico from the United States Forest Service, to analyze land cover (percent of natural wetland and urban development), within 500 meter buffer zone surrounding the bird observation transect. Diversity was calculated using the Simpson diversity index. The results revealed a total of 1,587 individuals of 22 species belonging to 9 families of water birds in la laguna Secreta. The diverse aquatic community structure there reflects that this habitat safeguards the diversity of resident and migratory birds of the urban city of San Juan. This wetland contains environmental and ecological elements that create niches where particular species of birds use as part of or their entire life cycle. Management strategies are offered as recommendations for improving monitoring and involving more citizens in the process. Future studies of distribution, behavior and habitat use of birds need to be done in order to understand the ecological factors influencing bird’s diversity.
Palabras Claves: Aves acuáticas, Programa del Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan (PEBSJ), censos navideños de aves, índice de diversidad Simpson, análisis de GAP, ciénaga Las Cucharillas, laguna Secreta.
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