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Ethnic Differences in Somatic Symptom Reporting in Children with Asthma and Their Parents / Vasquez, Juan C. Fritz, Gregory K. Jopel, Sheryl J. Seifer, Ronald McQuaid, Elizabeth L. Canino, Glorisa
En: Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, v48 n8 p855 Aug 2009. 9 pp. (ISSN 0890-8567) vol. 48, núm. 8; ago. 2009, p 855. bibl.
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Resumen: The relationship between child and parent somatic symptom reporting and pediatric asthma reporting in Latino and non-Latino white children in Rhode Island and Puerto Rico is examined. Findings supported studies that showed Latinos having higher symptom reporting than whites. Findings also provided new insight into the relationship between general symptom reports and pediatric asthma.
Palabras Claves: Diseases, Child Health, Foreign Countries, Symptoms (Individual Disorders), Cultural Differences, Racial Differences, Hispanic Americans, Whites, Children, Cross Cultural Studies
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