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Say it isn´t so : V.S. Naipaul´s One-Sided sentiments in The Middle Passage / Dorsía Smith
En: La torre / Tercera época, (ISSN 0040-9588) año. 11, núm. 41-42; jul-dic. 2006: p 539-547. bibl.
Revista: La torre / Tercera época, año. 11, núm. 41-42; jul-dic. 2006.
Resumen: The Middle Passage describes V.S. Naipaul´s journey to Trinidad, British Guiana, Surinam, Martinique, and Jamaica. As the travelogue unfolds, Naipaul explains why he had to escape from the Caribbean to England by depicting a nightmare image of West Indian society. As he quotes in the epigraph the words of James Anthony Froude, the Caribbean society is inadequate and lacks viability: There are no people here [...] with a character or purpose of their own (Naipaul xi). Futhermore, the Caribbean is a derelict land, since [h]istory is built around achievement and creation; and nothing was created in the West Indies (20). As such, Naipaul´s record of his travel experience and obeservations of the Caribbean serve to project his one-sided knowledge of West Indian society.
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