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Silica-scaled chrysophytes and heliozoa from the Caribbean Island of Dominica (Lesser Antilles) / Daniel E. Wujek, Brittaney A. Fritz, Ryan M. Dziedzic
En: Caribbean Journal of Science, (ISSN 0008-6452) vol. 46, núm. 1; 2010: p 120-123. bibl. foto. tabla.
Revista: Caribbean Journal of Science, vol. 46, núm. 1; 2010.
Resumen: Phytoplankton samples from five freshwater lakes and ponds on the island of Dominica were examined for silica-scaled chrysophytes and heliozoa using transmission electron microscopy. Three species of Synurophyceae were observed: Synura echinulata, S. petersenii and Mallomonas tonsurata; two species of Chrysophyceae: Paraphysomonas vestita and Spiniferomonas trioralis; and five species of heliozoa: Acanthocystis nichollsi, Raineriophrys erinaceoides, Raphidiophrys intermedia, Raphidocystis tubifera and Polyplacocystis marginata. The species composition was not indicative of a tropical environment, but included taxa found worldwide. All are new records for Dominica.
Palabras Claves: Chrysophyceae, Synurophyceae, heliozoa, tropics, species composition

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