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4th Expedition Tocantins (BR) "En Route to the Unknown"
En: FOCUS, año 5, núm. 1-2; 2007: p 79-86. bibl. il. tabla.
Revista: Focus, año 5, núm. 1-2; 2007
Resumen: The Brazilian Society of Speleology (SBE) conducted their fourth expedition to the state of Tocantis, location of the geodesic center of Brazil, in January of 2007.The area visited was Aurora, in the extreme southeastern part of the state, and immediately to the north of the Speleological District of Sao Domingos.The region is located in a trasition zone between the Amazon region and that of the central part of the country in terms of climate and physical conditions.This karst region is located near a reverse of the coast of the Serra Geral de Goais, developing in the direction of the regional peripheral depression, with the Palmas River as base level.It is replete with outcrops of bare limestone, with a preferential development of EW and NNE, corroborating the major regional lineaments; the lack of cover contributed to the identification of the carbonate domains.A team composed of members of six speleological gropus from various regions of the country, as well as individual members of the SBE, participated in the prospection and register of 36 new cavities in the region, with initial geospeleological, archaeological and biospeleological studies conducted; three of the cavities were mapped.Lithic material, rock engraving, and ceramics were found in all of the areas visited, as well as fossil bone fragments of megafauna in the Gruta dos Ossos.The flora and fauna observed in the region included 73 species of birds, 10 species of mammals, and 115 plant species.The ecotouristic potential was also evaluated, and the region seems to offer potential for the exploration of extreme and aquatic sports.The region has one of the country.Given the speleological potential and the involvement of the local community during the expedition, it is clear that future speleological work will contribute to local development and the protection of the national speleological heritage, as well as the dissemination of the science.
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: Tocantis expedition; speleological survey of Tocantis; arqueology of Tocantis; flora and fauna of Tocantis.
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