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Effect of ibuprofen dosage on patient response in rheumatoid arthritis / Robert G. Godfrey, Susano De La Cruz
En: Arthritis & Rheumatism, año. 18, núm. 2; Mar-Apr. 1975: p 135-137. bibl.
Revista: Revistas extranjeras
Resumen: In a 4-week double-blind trial in 41 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ibuprofen (Motrin®) decreased the swollen joint count significantly at a dosage level of 2400 mg/day, but not at 1200 mg/day. Ibuprofen probably does have antiinflammatory effects in man, but only at higher dosages; antiarthritic activity at lower dosages reflects primarily analgesia and perhaps antipyretic effects. Complaints and clinical laboratory findings did not differ significantly between the dosage groups.
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