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Structural accident of a ship unloader due to wind forces
En: REVISTA INTERNACIONAL DE DESASTRES NATURALES, ACCIDENTES E INFRAESTRUCTURA CIVIL, vol. 5, núm. 2; dic. 2005 : p 103-120. bibl. fotos. il. gráf. mapa. tabla.
Revista: Revista internacional de desastres naturales, accidentes e infraestructura civil, vol. 5, núm. 2; dic. 2005.
Resumen: Ship unloaders are large machines with the steel structure subjected to operational cyclic and impulsive loading. Besides the operational loading, the wind must be taken as a main loading for this type of structure, since it must be able not only to behave in safe condition, regarding its stability, stress levels and displacements, but also to remain parked over the pier during the ocurrence of the worst wind conditions. The present paper presents the description of the accident caused by wind forces that provoked the lost of a 1,200 ton ship unloader in the sepetiba Bay Port in 2003. In order to technically describe the occurrence, the wind forces were computed with the help of theoretical background as well as with experimental results raised from wind tunnel tests, taking into account the input of the recorded data of wind during the accident. At the same time the hydraulic brake system was analyzed and the resultant braking forces were compared with the total drag wind force over the ship unloader. The results of the wind structural analysis together with the mechanical braking system were taken to conclude on the main causes of the accident and to improve the decisions that must be taken by the port authorities to avoid this type accident in the future.
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: ship unloader, structural accident, structural analysis, wind tunnel.
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