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The impact of managed care on the use of outpatient mental health and substance abuse services in Puerto Rico..
En: INQUIRY, 38 (4); Winter. 2001-2002: p 381-395.
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Resumen: This paper estimates the impact of managed care on use of mental health services by residents of low-income areas in Puerto Rico. A quasi-experimental design evaluates the impact of a low capitation rate on a minority population using three waves of data from a random community sample. Results indicate that two years after introducing managed care, privatization of mental health services had minimal impact on use. Advocates had hoped health care reform would increase access in comparison to access seen within the public system, while opponents feared profit motives would lead to decreased access. Neither forecast turned out to be correct. The question remains as to how to improve access for the poor with low capitation rates..
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: Capitación, Servicios Comunitarios de Salud Mental/utilización, Servicios Contratados/organización & administración, Reforma en Atención de la Salud, Programas Controlados de Atención en Salud/utilización, Medicaid/organización & administración, Adolescente, Adulto, Anciano, Servicios Comunitarios de Salud Mental/organización & administración, Femenino, Accesibilidad a los Servicios de Salud/organización & administración, Investigación Sobre Servicios de Salud, HUMANS, Masculino, Programas Controlados de Atención en Salud/organización & administración, Trastornos Mentales/terapia, Mediana Edad, Áreas de Pobreza, Privatización, Puerto Rico, RESEARCH SUPPORT, U.S. GOV'T, P.H.S., Trastornos Relacionados con Sustancias/terapia.
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