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Cultural Difeferences in MMPI-2 scores between North Americans and Puerto Ricans
En: Revista puertorriqueña de psicología vol. 12; 1999: p 145-158. bibl. tablas.
Revista: Revista puertorriqueña de psicología, vol. 12; 1999
Resumen: The present paper is directed at presenting series of studies thet demostrate thet Puerto Ricans of diverse groups including clinical and normal samples scored different in some MMPI-2 scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory from corresponding American counterparts. In one study the MMPI-2 was administered to a sample of 40 depressed inpatients ( 17 males and 23 females) and 35 psychotic inpatients ( 13 males and 22 females) 35 psychotic inpatients ( 12 males and 23 females ) and 141 normals (85 males and 56 females). In another study, we report the findings of a comparison between Puerto Rican culture allows for a greater range of what could be considered deviant thinking in the United States.
Palabras Claves: Palabras claves: MMPI-2, personality, and psychopathology.
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