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The Cold War and the Second Expropriations of the Navy in Vieques (recurso electrónico)
En: SITIO EN INTERNET : Ayala, accedida 26 feb 2005.
Revista: Sitio en Internet
Resumen: ABSTRACT: The island of Vieques was not used as a target for military maneuvers until 1948, despite the fact that the first expropriations by the U.S. Navy took place in 194142. Between 1941 and 1943, Viequenses enjoyed a period of full employment at relatively good wages due to the construction of a military base. Between 1943 and 1946, the population suffered a terrible period of massive unemployment as a result of the cessation of military construction. Between 1946 and 1948, Viequenses experienced partial relief when a Puerto Rican government corporation, the PRACO, purchased lands in Vieques and began hiring workers in an attempt to restore agricultural production. In late 1947, as the United States made a political turn towards the Cold War, the Navy announced that it wanted to expropriate more land in Vieques and use the Island for military maneuvers. The second round of expropriations caused the displacement of the cattle ranchers of the island and practically put an end to agricultural production in Vieques. It also forced the PRACO to return to the Navy the federal lands it had been using for agricultural production and ranching in Vieques. Cattle ranchers in Vieques who subleased lands from PRACO were displaced. After 1948, the agricultural economy of Vieques was practically destroyed, severely constricting the ability of Viequenses to make a living. Periodically, thousands of troops came to Vieques for maneuvers and then left. A new type of service economy serving the troops developed, which provided some income to the commercial sector in Vieques. There was employment two months of the year, and no work the other ten months.

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