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The Zapatas : a Puerto Rican family
En: HOMINES, 10 (1) ene-jul. 1986: 50-62. bibl. gráf.
Revista: Homines, vol. 10, núm. 1; ene-jul. 1986
Resumen: The history of the Zapatas from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, is discussed beginning with the first member of this family to settle in Puerto Rico coming from Mexico about 1650, until the present generation. On the hand of documents it was shown (1) how the family moved over several generations from San Juan to Cabo Rojo; (2) that the family represents an example of a family belonging to the middle class; (3) that this family can be used to demostrate several demographic facts, such as endogamous marriages, relationships within a small group of families, and migrations within a county; and (4) that the registers of Puerto Rican parishes are a valuable tool for demographic research.
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