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Phytogenetic relationships and biogeography of the endemic caribbean genera crenea, ginoria, and haitia (lythraceae)
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 38 (3-4) Dec. 2002: 195-204. bibl. gráf. tablas.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 38, núm. 3-4; Dec. 2002
Resumen: Previous phylogenetic analyses of the lythraceae have indicated close, but incompletely resolved relationships among the endemic Caribbean genera Crenea, Ginoria, and Haitia, and the monotypic Tetrataxis of Mauritius. Cladistic analyses using morphological data were performed to examine the origins, phylogeny, and biogeographic relationships among these taxa and within the species of Ginoria. Results indicate that Crenea and Tetrataxis are sister genera but their relationship to Ginoria remains unresolved. Within Ginoria, the most basal species G. rohii from the eastern Greater Antilles or Greater Antilles or G. nudiflora from phyletic. The biogeographic distribution fo Ginoria is partially correlated with evolutionary advancement, is considered to be the major dispersing mechanism.
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