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A trophic analysis of mosquitofish, gambusia hubbsi breder : inhabiting blue holes on Andros Island, Bahamas.
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 36 (1-2) May 2000: 104-111. bibl. gráf. tablas.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 36, núm. 1-2; May 2000
Resumen: Gambusia hubbsi breder were collected from two inland blue holes on Andros Island, Bahamas, during the transition between dry and wet seasons to determine patterns of prey utilization and to examine the effects of location, time, and gender on diet. While aquatic prey dominated diets overall, the use of some prey types (e.g., insects) was distinctly different between the two populations in June 1995. These spatial differences were less pronounced in July 1995, as fish at both sites shifted from previously utilized foods to a greater consumption of mosquito pupae and larvae. Although female were generally larger and were collected more often than male at both sites, the diets of both sexes were similar and both responded in the same way to seasonal fluctuations in prey availability and abundance.
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