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The epidemiology of mental disorders in the adult population of Puer
En: PUERTO RICO HEALTH SCIENCES JOURNAL, 16 (2) June. 1997: 117-124. bibl.
Revista: Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 16, núm. 2; June 1997
Resumen: Objectives. The main objective of the manuscript is to present a review of the literature of the psychiatric epidemiological studies carried out in Puerto Rico in the last decade.
Resumen: Background. Data from three major epidemiological surveys carried out in the last decade is presented which provide evidence against prior long standing observations that Puerto Ricans reported higher levels of psychiatric symptomatology as compared to other populations and ethnic groups in the United States.
Resumen: Methods. The studies selected for review were the universe of population epidemiological studies carried out in Puerto Rico in the last decade. All studies used island wide probability sampling procedures to select the study population.
Resumen: Results. Rates of psychiatric disorders in Puerto Rico were not found to be significantly different from those obtained in United States communities. Exceptions were somatization disorder and symptoms which werefound to be significantly more common in the island as compared to the United States adults in the age range of 17 to 67 years old.
Resumen: Conclusion. In spite of several indicators of social disruption in the island, the prevalence of most psychiatric disorders does not appear to be more prevalent than in other communities in the United States and other parts of the world. Risk factors for mental disorders are also similar, although sex ratios for gender linked disorders are more marked in the island.
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