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Brevetoxin-3 (PbTx-3) on mouse liver slices : a histological study
En: PUERTO RICO HEALTH SCIENCES JOURNAL, 15 (4) Dec. 1996: 261-267. bibl. il. tab.
Revista: Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 15, núm. 4; Dec. 1996
Resumen: Brevetoxin-3 (PbTx-3) is a marine toxin produced by the dinoflagellate Ptychodiscus brevis. Its effects on exitable tissue have been the main subject of studies, but little is known about how it affects non-exitable tissues. To study possible non-neural effects of PbTx-3 (78nM), its effects on hepatic cell structure in vitro were evaluated.
Resumen: PbTx-3 caused hypertrophy and increased vacuolation of hepatocytes, and increase in basophilia in the perivenous area of the lobules.
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