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Survey of the freshwater mollusks of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, with descriptions and anatomical details of two species.
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 32 (1) Apr. 1996: 33-42. bibl. il.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 32, núm. 1; Apr. 1996
Resumen: The freshwater mollusk fauna is investigated on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. The fauna contains six freshwater gastropod species, four with cosmopolitan distributions throughout the northern Caribbean region, and two introduced species of medical significance.
Resumen: Descriptions are provided for two species, Pyrgophorus parvulus and Ferrissia irrorata, to increase understanding of their relationships with similar species elsewhere, and to present finer details of their anatomical and morphological characteristics. Efforts should be made to protect the native freshwater mollusks, as well as other freshwater faunas, as their restricted habitats come under increasing development pressure.
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