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Revised stratigraphic nomenclature for Tertiary strata of the Cayman Island, British West Indies
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 30 (1-2) June 1994: 53-68. bibl. foto(s). tabla.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 30, núm. 1-2; June 1994
Resumen: Tertiary strata exposed on the Cayman Islands are assigned to the newly designated Bluff Group that incorporates the Brac, Cayman, and Pedro Castle formations. The Brac Formation has already been described whereas the Cayman and Pedro Castle formations were previously treated as members.
Resumen: The type section of the Pedro Castle Formation, 2.5m thick, is based on surface exposures in a quarry near Pedro Castle on Grand Cayman. The description of the Pedro Castle Formation is improved by formally designating a reference section from a well drilled on the western part of Grand Cayman.
Resumen: Core from this well shows that the formation, which is 21.7m thick, is formed of limestones and fabric-retentive dolomitic limestones and dolostones. The upper 2 to 3 m of the formation is formed of recrystallized limestone. Skeletal wackestones, packstones, and grainstones formed of foraminifera (Amphistegina, soritids, and miliolids), Halimeda, bivalves, and other shell hash are the dominant lithotypes.
Resumen: The rocks of this formation contain numerous free-living corals along with lesser numbers of branching (Stylophora, Porites) and colonial corals. Rhodolites occur throughout the formation. The Pedro Castle Formation is underlain by the Early to Middle Miocene CaymanFormation and overlain by the late Pleistocene Ironshore Formation.
Resumen: The Pedro Castle Formation is assigned a Pliocene age on the basis of its stratigraphic position, the presence of Stylophora, and the Sr86/Sr87 isotope ratios obtained from the limestones.
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