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Septicemia due to a non-0:1, non-0:139 Vibrio cholerae
En: BOLETIN DE LA ASOCIACION MEDICA DE PUERTO RICO, 89 (1-3) ene-mar. 1997: 31-32.
Revista: Boletín de la Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico, vol. 89, núm. 1-3; ene-mar. 1997
Resumen: Infection due non-0:1 Vibrio cholerae has, to our knowledge, never been described in Puerto Rico. In contrast, most cases of Vibrio infections in the United States that result in septicemia and death are due to Vibrio vulnificus (1).
Resumen: This study will focus in evaluating the trends in the surgical management of a thyroid mass in our institution. In an effort to evaluate these trends we have selected two time periods of the surgical interventions with this diagnosis at our hospital.
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