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Ichnology of the pliocene bowden formation of southeastern Jamaica.
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 32 (2) Aug. 1996: 221-232. bibl. il. mapa.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 32, núm. 2; Aug. 1996
Resumen: The stratotype of the Pliocene Bowden formation is exposed on the east side of Port Morant Harbour, southeastern coastal Jamaica. the formation comprises, from base? to top, lenticular, abundantly fossiliferous, coarse-grained and conglomeratic comprise-grained and conglomeratic layers (the "bowden shell bed") and marlstones, overlain by essentially internally structureless and poorly lithified marlstones with scattered layers and lenses of sandy and pebbly bioclastic material.
Resumen: The marlstones associated with and overlying the "Bowden shell bed" contain a generally poorly preserved and previously undescribed ichnofaunal assemblage, comprising Beaconites coronus (Frey, Pemberton and fagerstrom), Chondrites isp; Circulichnis? montanus Vyalov, Ophiomorpha? isp. Palaeophycus tubularis Hall, Palaeophycus? heberti (Saporta), Palaeophycus? isp., Phycosiphon incertum von Fisher-Ooster, Planolites isp., Skolithos isp., Taenidium cameronensis? isp.,
Resumen: Collectively these ichnotaxa, produced predominantly by unknown deposit feeders, are indicative of more or less stable (equilibrium or K-selected) ecological systems in hydrodynamically low energy environments. Occurrence of thes ichnotaxa within the sequence supports the interpretation that deposition occurred under relatively deep-water conditions, rather than in shallow-water settings.

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