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A new species of necronectes (decapoda) from the upper oligocene of antigua.
En: CARIBBEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 31 (1-2) June 1995: 122-127. bibl. il. map.
Revista: Caribbean journal of science, vol. 31, núm. 1-2; June 1995
Resumen: Fossil crabs have not been reported from Antigua. Two partial chelae (claws) are described from the Upper Oligocene Long Bay Member, Antigua Formation, exposed in coastal section at Hughes Point, south coast of Nonsuch Bay, eastern Antigua.
Resumen: Both specimens are assigned to Necronectes summus sp. nov. The left chela is moderately curved along the longitudinal axis, much inflated in transverse section and with the fixed finger slightly deflected. The right chela increases in height distally, the outer surface is smoothly rounded and the fixed finger is in line with the manus.
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