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Waiting for Pegasus (reseña) : studies of the presence of Simbolism and Decadence in Hispanic letters / José A. Torres Morales Torres Morales, José A. Revista de estudios hispánicos, año 7; 1980
Waiting for the Canadian geese at Farr's cove (poema) Collins, James Sargasso, núm. 5; 1988
Waiting for the summer / (poema) Homero Pumarol Pumarol, Homero El sótano 00931(Edición Especial), 2009
Wake Me Up I Can't Sleep (poema) Pietri, Pedro. Tercer milenio (Bronx, NY), año 3, núm. 1; otoño/fall 1996
Waking up is the biggest punishment God gave man. (poema) Rivera Rosado, Doribel Tonguas, vol. 2, núm. 2; mayo 2003
Walcott and elements of the Caribbean voice : comments and a creative response Torruella, Elena L. de Sargasso, núm. 9; 1997
Walcott and elements of the caribbean voice : comments and creative response. Torruella, Elena L. de Caribbean studies, vol. 27, núm. 3-4; July-Dec. 1994
Walcott, ireland and hieroglyphic writing / Jean Antoine-Dunne Antoine-Dunne, Jean La torre / Tercera época, año. 11, núm. 41-42; jul-dic. 2006.
Walcott (reseña) : mulato del estilo Sotomayor, Aurea María 2002, mayo Diálogo (UPR),
Walcott's way : "do you know where you are? "at a crossroads in the moonlight" Fiet, Lowell Sargasso, special issue; 1999
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