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Two concepts of the given / Aaron Ben-Zeev Ben-Zeev, Aaron Diálogos, vol. 19, núm. 44; nov. 1984
Two Cubans in the United States : the Milanés' letters, 1848-1849 Karras, Bill J. Revista/review interamericana, vol. 2, núm. 1; primavera 1972
Two cultures at play in wole soyinkas the lion and the jewel Orlandi, Roberta Atenea / Tercera época, año 17, núm. 1-2; ene-dic. 1997
Two days, one night / Luis Trelles Plazaola Trelles Plazaola, Luis año. 41, núm. 11; 2015. El visitante,
Two for the road (reseña) Trelles, Luis El visitante, año 30, núm. 42; 2004
The two lutheran congregations of the Christiansted Lutheran Church St. Croix, former Danish West Indies : 1800-1848 Rezende, Elizabeth La torre / Tercera época, año 6, núm. 19; ene-mar. 2001
Two main convergences between Europe and the United States Constitutionalism and Federalism Cappelletti, Mauro Revista jurídica de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, vol. 28, núm. 3; mayo-ago. 1994
Two new avian host records for ornithoctona erythrocephala (diptera: hippoboscidae) in Puerto Rico Tossas, Adrianne G. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 37, núm. 1-2; May 2001
Two New Bird Records for the Lesser Antilles : Bufflehead (Bucephata Albeola) and Swainsons Warbler (Limnothlypis Swainsonii). vol. 42, núm. 2; 2006. Caribbean journal of science,
Two New Brittle Star Species of the Genus Ophiothrix (Echinodermata:Ophiuroidea:Ophiotrichidae) from Coral Reefs in the Southern Caribbean Sea, with Notes on Their Biology Hendler, Gordon Caribbean journal of science, vol. 41, núm. 3; Dec. 2005
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