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On literary history Bürger, Peter La torre / Tercera época, año 2, núm. 4-5; abr-sept. 1997
On my own terms : colonialism, language, and the identity of an emerging scholar Germán E. Vargas Ramos Vargas Ramos, Germán E. vol. 35; ene-dic. 2015 Atenea,
On my way home from Puerto Rico : preliminary musings (October 1997) Bettelheim, Judith Sargasso, special issue; 1999
On my way to work this morning (poema) Hunt, Tony Sargasso, núm. 3; 1986
On national turf : the rise of the young lords organization and its struggle for the nation in chicago / Ángel G. Flores Rodríguez Flores Rodríguez, Ángel G. Op. cit., núm. 20; 2011-2012
On necessity and existence Rosado Haddock, Guillermo E. Diálogos, vol. 31, núm. 68; jul. 1996
On parallel methods for classifying time series data / Edwardo S. Rivera Hazim, Edusmildo Orozco, P. Ordóñez Rivera Hazim, Edwardo S. Orozco, Edusmildo Ordóñez, P. Sitio en Internet
On real people and imaginary numbers / Roman Kvasov Kvasov, Roman Icono : boletín de la biblioteca, núm. 21; nov. 2015
On Sharing a Bottle with Robert Nozick in the Cantina (poema) Kehew, Robert Revista/review interamericana, vol. 25, núm. 1-4; ene-dic. / Jan-Dec. 1995
On Simulacra and Theatre : A Study of Cristina Escofet / Jennifer Rathbun Revistas extranjeras
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