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In the Spirit of King Ja Ja : tracing things that fall apart and centers that cannot hold / Elena Lawton de Torruella Lawton de Torruella, Elena La torre / Tercera época, año. 12, núm. 46; oct-dic. 2007.
In the United States district court for the district of Puerto Rico / Juan M. Pérez Giménez Pérez Giménez, Juan M. Revista del Colegio de Abogados de Puerto Rico, vol. 50-51, núm. 4-1; oct-dic. 1989-ene-mar. 1990.
In the world of finance, Puerto Rico is not an island Business Puerto Rico, 1986, Spring
In visibility, trauma, and memory in the black hispanic experience : black female bodies in Loida Maritza Pérez's Geographies of home / Laura Barrio Vilar Barrio Vilar, Laura Op. cit., núm. 20; 2011-2012
In vitro anti HIV/antitumor activity of two new analogs of actinomycin D. Bhansali, K. G. Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 14, núm. 1; Mar. 1995
In vitro antimicrobial effects of 3 root canal sealers on actinomyces radicidentis / Ignacio Barbero-Navarro, Hugo Galera-Ruiz, Mario Pereira, Diogo Guerreiro, María del Carmen Machuca-Portillo, Lydia López del Valle Barbero-Navarro, Ignacio Guerreiro, Diogo Pereira, Mario López del Valle, Lydia Galera-Ruiz, Hugo Machuca-Portillo, María del Carmen Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 33, núm. 2; June 2014
In Vitro Blood–Brain Barrier Modeling adapted for Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Transmigration from HIV-Positive Patients for Clinical Research on Therapeutic Drug Intervention / Robert Oda, Bruce Shiramizu, Melissa Agsalda-Garcia, Joanna Kettlewell, Valerie Wojna Oda, Robert Shiramizu, Bruce Agsalda García, Melissa Kettlewell, Joanna Wojna, Valerie Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 37, núm. 3; sep. 2018
In vitro degradability of organic residues using cattle and goat rumen fluid inocula. Vázquez Ortiz, María S. Pagán Riestra, Suzika Rodríguez Carías, Abner A. Proceedings of the undergraduate Research Program (RUM-Faculty of Agricultural Science), year 3, vol. 1; 2006.
In vitro exposure of murine macrophages to ultraviolet light induces apoptosis López Candales, Angel Scott, Michael J. Wickline, Samuel A. Boletín de la Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico, vol. 88, núm. 7-9; ago-sep. 1996
In what clinical settings should Cushing´s syndrome be suspected? (recurso electrónico) / Oscar D. Bruno, Lea Juárez-Allen, María Alicia Rossi, Vanesa Longobardi Bruno, Oscar D. Juárez-Allen, Lea Rossi, María Alicia Longobardi, Vanesa Sitio en Internet
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