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Ground-based autumn migration of blackpoll warblers at Harrison Point, Barbados McNair, Douglas B. Massiah, Edward B. Frost, Martin D. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 38, núm. 3-4; Dec. 2002
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The growing economy of Puerto Rico Revistas extranjeras
Growing greener cities : a tree-planting handbook by Gary Mill and Stanley Young Hernández Prieto, Enrique Acta científica, vol. 3, núm. 2-3; 1989.
Growing up bilingual (reseña) Santiago Román, Mildred Milenio, vol. 4; 2000
Growing up Puerto Rican (reseña) / René Marqués Marqués, René Sin nombre, vol 5, núm. 1; jul-sept. 1974
Growth cycle of Guinea fowl Numida meleagris in Puerto Rico Soldevila, Manuel The journal of agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, vol. 61, núm. 4; Oct. 1977
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Growth Management, Inc. / Carlos Nido Nido, Carlos Forum empresarial, vol. 1, núm. 2; dic. 1996.
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