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Cuban military expenditures during the special period Pérez López, Jorge F. Revista/review interamericana, vol. 28, núm. 1-4; ene-dic. / Jan-Dec. 1998
The Cuban Revolution : (reseña) years of promise / Lillian Guerra Guerra, Lillian vol. 36, núm. 1; jul.-jun. 2008. Caribbean studies;
Cuban rural society in the Nineteenth Century (reseña) : the social and economic history of Monoculture in Matanzas / Pedro L. San Miguel San Miguel, Pedro L. año 4; 1991 Historia y sociedad,
The cuban slave market (reseña) Pérez Vega, Ivette Historia y sociedad, año 9; 1997
Cuban Sugar Industry (reseña) : Transnational Networks and Engineering in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cuba / Oscar Zanetti Lecuona Zanetti Lecuona, Oscar Caribbean studies, vol. 41, num. 1; January-June 2013
The Cuban teachers and Harvard, 1900 : a unique experiment in Inter-American cultural exchange Fitchen, Edward D. Horizontes, año 16, núm. 31-32; oct. 1972-abr. 1973:
Cuban, treefrog (osteopilus septentrionalis) in Anguilla, Lesser Antilles. Townsend, Josiah H. Eaton, James M. Henderson, Robert W. Parmerlee, John S. Powell, Robert Caribbean journal of science, vol. 36, núm. 3-4; Dec. 2000
The Cuban-French novels of Eduardo Manet Zatlin, Phyllis Revista/review interamericana, vol. 23, núm. 3-4; otoño/invierno 1993
Cubanomiris pilosus, a new genus and species of eccritotarsini (heteroptera: miridae: bryocorinae) from Cuba. Hernández Triana, Luis Miguel Stonedahl, Gary M. Caribbean journal of science, vol. 32, núm. 2; Aug. 1996
Cuba's University scholarship to its neighbors and national development in the Caribbean Hickling-Hudson, Anne vol. 9, núm. 9; Winter 1996-1997 Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenõs Bulletin,
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